little about me

I've had many jobs.

I've sold luggage, cigars, clothing, and cell phones. I've tried (almost) everything to gain valuable experience and looking back - I don't regret any of it. After college, I began my career in the world of advertising.

Years down the road, I discovered that I was spending so much of my time helping my peers (and myself) find new work in the fickle business of ad agencies. I knew I needed a career change.

Through a connection of mine who is now a dear friend, I fell into recruitment. I learned a lot about how to fill positions for my clients quickly and thoughtfully, but that still wasn't enough. I realized I loved helping people find their way and ultimately be happy in their chosen career. And this led me to career coaching. 

Today I'm a full-time Senior Recruiter & a part-time Career Coach. I'm passionate about figuring out what makes you excited to get out of bed every morning while sharing the valuable knowledge I've gained. I'm here to provide strategic, yet practical steps to help you achieve your career goals.

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